Above The Haze meets every Tuesday at 7:00 in CAS B06A

and has Bible Studies throughout the week.

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Above The Haze is an interdenominational, transnational Christian student group. Our goal is to develop a faith of intellectual excellence, spiritual depth, and active service by pursuing a life of worship, prayer, fellowship, discipleship, and mission. We welcome believers, seekers, and skeptics to join us on this journey.


We find our core identity spelled out in Scripture. There we find that Jesus invites us to become his disciples, people who learn and apply Jesus' teaching, and to follow him as part of a committed community.


We focus on activities of Worship, Prayer, Witness, Service, and Fellowship.  We are involved in other activities, but we must be involved in these five.

Building Leaders

Jesus led through service. Over the last decade, the servant leadership model has gained popularity in almost every field. Rather than pushing our way to the top, we take time to invest in each other. We learn from each other and pass on what we learn. We accept help when we need it, and we extend aid to others.


We acknowledge people as a priority by giving our time, attention, and aid to each other. Taking the large view: we reach out to others with the offer of life that Jesus extends; we root new believers, as well as each other, in the teachings of Jesus: we equip each other to serve; and then, we release people to use their gifts and talents.

Above The Haze is part of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.


Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is a spirit-filled community of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission committed to the transformation the university, the marketplace and the world.

In addition to our weekly meeting, Above The Haze offers relational Bible Studies called Cores. These are groups of students that meet regularly to explore Scripture, support each other, and encourage one another while applying what they have learned.


Additional opportunities to learn, grow, serve, and get to know each other are offered as well. Every semester there is a weekend retreat. We have service projects on campus or in the greater Boston area. During spring break we participate in a mission trip to Haiti. And we take any opportunity we can get for some good, healthy partying together.

Above The Haze • 71 Church Street #2 • Winchester, MA • 01890

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