Weekly Meeting • Friday Nights, 6:00 • CAS 222 • Boston University • Everyone Welcome!

What Do We Do?

Tuesday Night Above The Haze

Every Friday we meet at 6:00  in CAS B36 to encounter God together. This is an interactive time of prayer, worship, and an exploration of what God teaches through Scripture. While everyone is encouraged to participate, you can also come and observe until you feel comfortable. There are no expectations placed on your involvement. Whether you are exploring the claims of Christ or desiring to grow your relationship with Christ, this is the place to be.


Bible Studies (Core)

Most of what God has to say to us he has communicated through Scripture. Our task is to understand what he has said and seek his guidance in applying it to our lives. But we need more than just knowledge. We also need others around us to encourage us, support us, and lend an understanding ear and a helping hand. Our Bible studies will develop through the fall semester and remain open to new members throughout the year. We are called to apply what we learn from Scripture to every part of our lives. This is a liberating experience, but it can also be difficult and challenging as God wrestles with us to overcome old habits and old ways of thinking. In these areas we can strengthen and encourage each other as we grow together.



We offer a retreat each semester. these are chances to get away from campus and spend some concentrated time with God. There will be guest teachers from time to time, but another set of lectures is most likely the last thing you need. The emphasis will be a break from your normal routine, a change of scene, and a chance to walk through some spiritual exercises and times of guided discovery. Most of all, we retreat from the daily grind to make space to encounter God and bring back what we have experienced and learned to enrich our lives when we return to work.



We have a record in the Old Testament of God throwing great parties, so we want to learn from that example. We celebrate most of the major holidays together (often just before we return home to celebrate them with our families) as well as major religious observances, such as Advent and Easter. But we are also a creative bunch who creates celebrations of our own to celebrate our friendships and to stave off boredom and blow off some steam.


Training Opportunities

We offer workshops and training in Christian life skills from Bible study to small group leadership, from effective scheduling to financial planning (yes, God cares about practical things). Topics include Faith and Science, Growing in the Arts, Angels, and Making Choices just to throw out a few. We take seriously that we are to love the Lord with our minds.


Leadership Training

One of our primary goals in to see students develop new skills and give back through servant leadership at all levels. Above The Haze is shaped and formed around the needs and interests of students and continues to grow and change with each generation of students.


Spring Break Mission

We offer spring break mission opportunities. This year we will serve in Haiti with the FeedOne program and Convoy of Hope.


Service Opportunities

Throughout the year there will be opportunities to serve the campus, the community, and the world. We are involved in the FeedOne program working to eliminate extreme poverty, local homeless services, and the YMCA youth programs to name a few.


Hanging Out

One of our goals is to create community on a large and sometimes impersonal campus. We hope that no one falls through the cracks or goes unnoticed. to that end, we find a lot of ways to share life together and to include as many as possible.

Above The Haze • 71 Church Street #2 • Winchester, MA • 01890