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Position Yourself for Maximum Grace, Growth, and Joy

2017 Spring Break Haiti Mission Trip

Grace, growth, and joy are great gifts. Not just positioning ourselves to receive these gifts but also to extend them to others. In a world torn by hate, injustice, and just plain indifference, the answer is not more of the same. Jesus offered himself as a road to healing, dignity, justice, and love. This semester we will be exploring how we reposition our life priorities to make a positive difference in this world.


Above The Haze is a Christian Community of Discipleship, pursuing Worship, Prayer, Witness, Service, and Justice in order to live life to the fullest together at Boston University.


We are a diverse group that seeks to understand and love those we meet where they are.


Come visit with us. Skeptics, seekers, and believers are all welcome.


We meet Fridays at 6:00PM in the Theology Building, Room B19 (basement).

Above The Haze offers:

Leadership Training • Small Group Bibles Study/Encouragement Groups • Weekly Large Group Meeting • Retreats • Spring Break Mission Trips • Classes & Seminars • Service Opportunities • and More

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