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This Week


An Interactive Night with the Book of Revelation


Revelation is a book of the senses as information is conveyed through sight, sound, and taste (not sure their are many examples of touch & smell). This week we'll use sight and sound to explore what God is trying to tell us through this book.


Friday Night, February 23, 6:00

Boston University CAS 222

Winter Semester: The Book of Revelation


Yes, that book. Monsters, Apocalypse, and Armageddon. Oh, my!


It has been the subject of far too many poorly researched B-movies and bad novels (I'm thinking of you, Left Behind series.), yet it is a deeply relevant book dealing with the choices that make up our daily lives. Revelation is an epic and dramatic picture of God's story. It has villains, battles, and giant monsters that rival Godzilla. All this symbolic language serves to retell the gospel in a form that will make us wrestle in a new way with the greatest story ever told. 21st century, American culture is not too comfortable with symbolic language, so we will break it down and make it as understandable and relevant as it was to it's original audience. Join us as we take a deep look at this book that pulls back the curtain on the whole of human history and reveals God's plan.

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Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is a spirit-filled community of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission committed to the transformation the university, the marketplace and the world.

In addition to our weekly meeting, Above The Haze offers relational Bible Studies called Cores. These are groups of students that meet regularly to explore Scripture, support each other, and encourage one another while applying what they have learned.


Additional opportunities to learn, grow, serve, and get to know each other are offered as well. Every semester there is a weekend retreat. We have service projects on campus or in the greater Boston area. During spring break we participate in a mission trip to Haiti. And we take any opportunity we can get for some good, healthy partying together.

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Weekly Meeting • Friday Nights, 6:00 • CAS 222 • Boston University • Everyone Welcome!